What are 7 Basics of Scandinavian Style Interior Design?

Comfort, aesthetics, and functionality is the heart of Scandinavian interior design. Behind its charming, spacious look, Scandinavian’s style originates from its minimalist ideals which only allow things that serve a purpose. It stems from the idea of treasuring the simple things in life while keeping a warm and pleasant feel within spaces. If you suppose that there’s beauty in simplicity, then the Scandinavian design is for you.

What is Scandinavian Decor?

The Scandinavian decor features minimalism, simplicity and functionality. Its harmonious combination reveals an iconic beauty of a Nordic style. Void of clutter, a professional interior designer offers modernism with an elegant connection to the natural world. White walls, wood floors, and clean lines are some of its hallmark attributes that induce a solution for a simple living. Some of the principles and characteristics of the Scandinavian design include:

Light, Muted Colors

The dominance of white walls is common in Scandinavian design. Since winter is long and dark, soft and understated color makes space feel light, uniform, and bright. Its neutral-heavy color palette is often incorporated with the accent of blue and other vivid colors.


Often, daylight is not always a luxury in Scandinavian countries. Thus, lightings, either natural or artificial are highly important. Natural lights make the room feel spacious and brighter. The window treatment should let in as much light as possible. Long-hanging lights are also popular in Nordic style designs.

Modern Furniture and Pieces

Modern furniture with beautiful shapes and clean lines is a way to go. Scandinavian design furniture often highlights natural hues, gentle lines, fine-drawn curves, and tapered legs. Scandinavians have high regard for comfort and function. Mid-century inspired sofas and chairs are a common choice.

Clutter-Free Spaces

Scandinavian homes were traditionally small, hence the decluttering. They ensure that spaces are well used without extravagant amounts of stuff or decorative pieces. Scandinavian décor adheres to the “less is more” mantra making the spaces looking neat and visually soothing. Remember to leave some breathing space throughout the house.

Wood and Metal Elements

A Scandinavian interior design style makes use of both wood and metal finishes. While natural elements are a key to their design, metal accents promote sensational looks within the space. Wooden elements, one of the interior design trends in 2021, can be anywhere such as the floorings, ceilings, furniture and fixtures, among others. These, combined with copper and brass can add glimmer and shine around the space.

Plants and Fresh Flowers

Scandinavian homes welcome fresh flowers, plants, and other botanicals within their spaces. Aside from adding color and beauty to interiors, living elements also play a role in well-being. Interior design that boosts productivity and creativity includes live plants as they have positive effects on health and happiness. Our team has a collection of botanical pieces that complements refreshing Scandinavian rugs with certain patterns.

Less is More

The premise of “less is more” is highly significant when decorating a Scandinavian interior. The goal is to achieve a simple, airy, and spacious space without leaving the area dull and cold. An appropriate balance and portion are the key ways to attain the right minimal blend. Keep your decors at a bare minimum and keep away the clutter.

Known for its clean lines, understated elegance, and flawless craftsmanship, Scandinavian style exhibits a warm and cozy finish throughout a space. Currently, Scandinavian décor is among the most popular movements in contemporary design. Choose Scandinavian style if you’re seeking both simplicity and coziness at home.

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